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Vision: A developmental local municipality accelerating provision of quality services to the satisfaction of our communities

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Petty Cash Policy

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(Organogram 2018 19)

Financial Services offers the following services:

  • Advise Council on matters related to financial affairs of the Municipality’s
  • Administer all bank accounts,
  • Sound financial administration including compliance to legislation and regulations
  • Assist the Mayor with the budget preparations and also to implement the budget as aproved by Council
  • Ensure that the resources of the Municipality are used effectively, efficiently and economically
  • Ensure that there is proper management of revenue and expenditure
  • Ensure that unauthorised, irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure and other losses are prevented
  • Preparing of financial statements of the Municipality

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Mr. S. P. Leshage
Email: leshages@emakhazeni.gov.za
Phone: +27 (0)13 253 7711


Deputy Manager Expenditure

Ms. B Mtsweni
Email: mtswenib@emakhazeni.gov.za
Phone: +27 (0)13 253 7655


Acting Deputy Manager Income

Mr. N. Mbethe
Email: mbethen@emakhazeni.gov.za
Phone: +27 (0)13 253 7617


Acting Deputy Manager Budget

Ms. C. Mahlangu
Email: mahlanguc@emakhazenilm.co.za
Phone: +27 (0)13 253 7649


Deputy Manager Supply Chain Management

Ms. Hlengiwe Nkosi
Email: nkosihl@emakhazeni.gov.za
Phone: +27 (0)13 253 7601

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